BC Mussels

Tue, 11/01/2016
BC Seafood

Our mussels are sourced directly from Out Landish Shellfish Guild.

Gallo mussels are grown in the pristine waters of the Discovery Islands. These are available in a hand-washed, non-debissed form – recommended for customers who like the full fresh flavour of a mussel which has not been damaged or killed by machine cleaning.

Mussels are  incredibly versatile so once you learn the basic method of cooking them you can change the sauce they’re cooked in to create many new flavors.


  • Always Scrub the mussels well under cold running water and remove their beards before cooking.  If the mussels are open a little, give them a firm tap against the side of the sink or the counter. If they close you can eat them. If not discard them.
  • Remember that mussels are very salty so you won’t need to add any extra sea salt.
  • Mussels have a lot of liquid inside of them so even if it does not seem like there is much broth to begin with, once they cook and open up they will release their liquid into the pot and there will be lots of broth