BC Wild Salmon

Fri, 07/01/2016
BC Seafood

Our Salmon

Wild salmon from British Columbia, Canada: One of the most spectacular natural seafood products in the world! Wild salmon have lived in the waters of British Columbia for thousands of years. Harvested for centuries with the greatest skill, care and pride;  earning an international reputation as the top quality wild seafood choice. 

Each species offers its own distinct flesh color, texture and flavor. 

  • Chinook is the largest of the species sought after for its rich flavor and its firm flesh that ranges in color from ivory white to deep red. Chinook also goes by the name 'spring' or 'king' salmon.
  • Coho is recognized for its versatile flavor and fine texture and consistent red flesh.
  • Chum salmon offers a milder and more delicate flavor has a pink to medium red flesh color. Chum also goes by the name 'Keta' salmon.
  • Pink salmon is the smallest species. It is lighter in color, but prized for its delicate flavor.
  • Sockeye is a popular species most cherished for its deep red firm flesh and rich flavor. (bcsalmon.ca)

The salmon we sell is only caught in the waters of British Columbia. The Autumn Winds is known for skillful fishermen catching amazing fish for over 30 years. In 2015 our boats and fishermen concentrated their fishing in Bella Coola and Barkley Sound, BC during the salmon season. After a successful day of fishing the boats unload their catch at our private dock in Richmond, BC. Immediately the fish is processed in our federal licensed facility, ready to be sold at the store, restaurants and overseas.

To support sustainable fishing, all our Salmon are caught either by gillnet or hook+line.  British Columbia salmon season usually starts around April until September. 

Salmon is a great fish for baking, broiling, grilling, deep frying, and pan frying. When buying salmon make sure the colors are vibrant and the texture is firm. Good quality salmon needs only lemon, olive oil and herbs to bring out the flavor without masking it.

How to cook your whole salmon

Cook a whole salmon in the oven for an impressive and delicious main course. Whole, baked salmon is easy to prepare, yet festive enough for a holiday feast.

  • Store the salmon in ice or in refrigerator before cooking.  A cold temperature will keep the fish fresh for longer.

  • Remove the head before cooking for squeamish eaters or leave the head in place and enjoy the prized cheek meat.

  • Make sure all organs and guts are removed prior to cooking it whole. 

  • The body cavity of the fish can be filled with fresh herbs and lemon slices if desired.
  • Brush the whole fish (including the head) and the grill grate with a thin coat of cooking oil to prevent the salmon from sticking. Oil the grill grate before starting the grill.

How to cook salmon fillet

We always take our time with each fillets to remove most if all pin bones. However, before cooking a salmon fillet, it’s always a good idea to check it for pin bones.

  • Tips on BBQing: brush the fillet with a thin coat of oil to prevent salmon from sticking. Oil the grill prior to putting the fish on as well.

How to cook your salmon steak

Salmon steaks are always a cheaper cut than fillets and some believes that cooking salmon on the bone adds flavor to the meat. The steak cut, which has the skin surrounding the fish keeps the meat moist and firm together making it easy to flip on a bbq.