Top 5 Pantry Must-Haves to Cook Delicious Fish at Home

Sun, 06/26/2016

Whether you’re cooking salmon, white fish, or shellfish at home, we believe these five condiments and sauces are must-haves for any home cook’s seafood dishes.

Dijon or Grainy mustard: Dijon and grainy mustard pair excellently with a variety of fresh seafood. Use it as a coating atop fish you’re baking, or add a dollop to velvety cream sauce for a whole new burst of flavor.

Soy Sauce:  Though simple on its own, soy sauce is fantastic for elevating the flavors of any fish. Add a squirt of sriracha and a bit of maple syrup to a small bowl of soy sauce to create a salty, spicy, and sweet fish marinade. You can also mix soy sauce, sesame oil, green onions, and fresh ginger for a lighter, fresher sauce.

Sweet Thai Chili sauce: I mark this in the staple category because all the work has been done for you, and it’s especially handy when you’re preparing dinner in a hurry. Grilled prawns dipped in sweet chili sauce is one of my favorite snacks.

White Cooking Wine: Cooking with white wine adds depth to the flavorus of any seafood dish. It’s very versatile and loves being paired with onions, garlic, crushed tomatoes, and fresh herbs. Make sure to let the alcohol deglaze the pan for one to two minutes before adding any additional liquids. This will cook out the strong alcohol taste, leaving just the wine’s deliciously delicate notes.

Sundried Tomatoes: The best sundried tomatoes are imported from Italy. Packed in oil, these tiny little gems impart quite a punch of flavor. They’re tangy, sour, and sweet all at once and will dress up any seafood dish brilliantly.